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Ellie was just four weeks old when her mother died suddenly. She was heading to the shelter before we scooped her up and welcomed her home. She is a sweetheart whose companionship and unconditional love makes our family complete.

Pepper was found as a feral kitten and waiting for a family in the shelter for 8 months. While attending an adoption event, our daughter fell in love and we welcomed him with open arms. He is one cool cat and the best boy a girl could have.

Sweet LuLu was rescued from a flock that continually pecked and tormented her. She was missing a lot of feathers from stress and had a hard time trusting her new flock. After a lot of work and TLC, she's healthy, happy and thriving.

Our rescues have brought
immense joy
to our family.

Doing our part to Help Homeless Pets
and Conserve the Environment

At Cordoba Farms, we believe in making a difference and creating products that are safe and healthy for our pets, as well as being mindful of the planet.

From our sustainable materials to our charity-driven initiatives, we have worked hard to ensure that our products are not only beneficial to pets, but also to the environment.

Every purchase you make from us goes towards helping homeless animals through our partnerships with local organizations and foster families along with donating extra product for charity/adoption events locally and throughout the country. We also donate a portion of sales to
The Ocean Conservancy – an organization devoted to ocean conservation. Micro plastic pollution is an issue that's on the rise, and it's alarming how much damage it can do in just a few short years.

We invite you to join us in this mission - together, we can make a positive impact – one pet product at a time!

If you'd like more information or want to get involved with what we're doing please don't hesitate to contact us.


creating pet products with a purpose

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