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Ellie and her pack of friends inspired our original dog soap recipes.

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•Sweet  •Happy  •Sensitive Skin

For extremely sensitive skin and allergies, HAPPY DOG was specifically created to soothe delicate skin. We've combined ground oatmeal and tumeric with our goat milk soap to create a nourishing and moisturizing bar that leaves your dog smelling good.

It will make your pup the happiest on the block!


IMG_0078 2.JPG

Is your dog powerful enough to take down an empire, but is under attack by insects and pests? SUPER DOG to the rescue! This bar blends lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender and other essential oils to ward off those pesky buggers and soothe skin irritations they leave behind. Consider it your dog's invisible shield!


•Delightful  •Strong  •Loves the outdoors


•Super Friendly  •Curious  •Commands the room


Does your dog walk around with a little funk in its strut, but for all the wrong reasons?

RAD DOG is formulated with cooling peppermint for a refreshing coat and lavendar to soothe its skin. Leave the stink behind... this bar will make your pup naturally cool and totally rad!



•Sensitive  •Loves Attention  •Hyperallergic

Does your dog have particular tastes or maybe is a bit fussy? Do you get the stink eye when you try to introduce something new? Our DRAMA DOG bar is perfect for your pup. Pure and natural, our soothing goat milk soap is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and is wonderful for dry or sensitive skin. No chemicals. No scents. No fuss. Even the most melodramatic pup won’t turn its nose up to these suds!