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Ellie was the inspiration for our dog bars

My journey began when I couldn’t find a shampoo that my dog, Ellie, wasn’t allergic too. As a consumer of natural products for my family and being a recreational soap maker, I knew most liquid shampoos contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals which I believed were the culprit of her issues. So, I rolled up my sleeves and decided I would make a natural shampoo bar for Ellie using gentle ingredients. I researched dog’s skin, their coats, differences in breeds and started experimenting. After testing many recipes, I had success with a goat milk, turmeric and oatmeal bar, which ultimately became, Happy Dog. It was gentle, non-irritating and I loved the ease of bathing her with a bar over drippy liquid. And best of all, no plastic bottle to add to our recycle bin.

After sharing Happy Dog and receiving positive feedback and encouragement, I decided to launch Cordoba Farms. I started with four shampoo bars created for Ellie’s pack of friends with different skin issues. I knew the shampoo was the linchpin in my vision of creating a high-quality pet care line that not only used natural, plant-based ingredients but would be plastic-free. And, years later after listening to our customers, we boost a full skin care line with more products in the works!

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I am so grateful for everyone who supports our business, and our success has allowed us to give back. We donate a portion of shampoo sales to local non-profit rescue organizations and we also donate product to foster families, charity auctions and fundraisers across the country.

I’m on a mission to educate owners that choosing natural grooming care is better for pets health and better for the environment. From the ingredients we source, our packaging and shipping material, we only use high-quality sustainable products while reusing and recycling whenever  we can… our shop is even powered by solar. We are on a plastic-free and reef-safe movement.

Try all our products and you’ll see why we love them so much. At Cordoba Farms we strive to make the best-quality, natural body care that your dog... heck the whole family will love!

Cordoba Farms is tucked away in the foothills of San Diego County. My family includes my husband, daughter Siena and our other children; Ellie, Leah, Pepper and flock of free-range chickens.

We have a deep love for animals, the outdoors, and working with our hands to grow, raise and sustain a beautiful life under the sunny skies of San Diego.

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