who we are

Ellie was the inspiration for our dog bars

My journey began when I couldn’t find a commercial-based shampoo that my dog, Ellie wasn’t allergic too. Bath time was frustrating and upsetting to see her suffer from lesions and extreme irritation that would develop on her skin.

As a recreational soap maker, I knew most liquid shampoos contained many harmful and synthetic ingredients that were the culprit for her problems and knew there had to be a natural alternative. I began researching and experimenting with recipes and oils to create a shampoo that would be safe for Ellie’s skin but also deep clean and soften her coat. After many bars and lots of testing, Happy Dog was created! It was named for Ellie because bath time turned into a joyful experience and left us both feeling happy… and I was also happy there was no plastic bottle needed, which meant less waste!

Ellie bathtime.jpg

With the success of our shampoo bars and listening to our customers about the the need for more natural, plastic-free grooming products, we expanded our product line! We now offer balms, sprays and sunscreen which are carefully crafted with selected ingredients that are beneficial and safe for your dog’s skin.


Each product is made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. We only use ingredients that won’t irritate or dry-out your dogs skin while protecting their coat. And with our eco-friendly packaging, its the smarter choice for your pup and the earth.

Try all our products and you’ll see why we love them so much. At Cordoba Farms we strive to make the best-quality, natural body care that your dog... heck the whole family will love!

Cordoba Farms is tucked away in the foothills of San Diego County. Our family of 3 includes our dog Ellie, Pepper the cat, and flock of free-range chickens and whatever other animal comes on the property.

 We have a deep love for animals, the outdoors, and working with our hands to grow, raise and sustain a beautiful life under the sunny skies of San Diego.